McCosker values all of its employees, who are our greatest asset.


At McCosker we promote a safe and inclusive work environment, where all employees and other workers are treated fairly and with respect and have an obligation to treat others the same. McCosker have established and maintains Company Policies, procedures, programs, and training to ensure awareness of the expected standards of behaviour when interacting with others in our workplaces and the avenues to resolve issues and raise complaints.

We’re an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to comply with all state and federal legislation, including the Fair Work Act 2009 and the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991, and to promote an inclusive workplace free from bullying, discrimination (direct and indirect), harassment and vilification.This policy applies to all workers (including McCosker employees, subcontractors and other workers) while in McCosker work and work-related places, including our project sites, and when representing McCosker at work-related events (including social functions), while on business travel, attending training such as courses and conferences, and in dealings with each other and our clients. This includes accommodation, camp, and the community where we operate in remote regions.

McCosker is committed to achieving the following objectives. We will:

  • Promote an environment where employees, prospective employees, and others in our workplace are treated fairly, equally, respectfully, and with dignity.
  • Be proactive in raising awareness of employee responsibilities and acceptable standards of behaviour.
  • Treat all complaints sensitively, in a timely, impartial and effective manner and take appropriate action.
  • Ensure all decisions at every stage of employment are based on merit having regard for individual abilities, skills, experience, qualifications and potential for the role.
  • Not make distinctions between individuals on protected attributes such as age, sex or gender identity, parental status, relationship status, impairment, religious belief or activity, race, sexuality, and trade union activity.
  • Enable employees to obtain support through the provision of a Health and Wellbeing Program. Create and maintain policies and procedures that promote these objectives.
  • Extend our obligations to our clients and deliver services in a non-discriminatory way.

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