MT RAWDON TSF wall raise

This project was for the Stage 5B raise the existing Mt Rawdon Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) from RL180m to RL181m.


The detailed requirement for the project included:


 – The mobilisation and demobilisation for 12 number pieces of mine approved earthworks

 – The establishment and disestablishment of project site facilities/services to mine site stand-

 – The provision of management and supervision for the

 – Approximately 0Ha of clearing for the borrow pits.

 – Approximately 5,000m3 of topsoil stripping and stockpiling for borrow

 – Removal and subsequent replacement of approximately 3,800m3 existing rock fill

 – Removal and subsequent replacement of approximately 1,200m3 of road gravel

 – Approximately 23,000m2 of existing surface scarification for subsequent

 – Win, load, cart and place approximately 9,400m3 of clay

 – Win, load, cart and place approximately 13,200m3 of general

 – Win, load, cart and place approximately 7,000m3 of select rock

 – Quality assurance testings of

 – Borrow pit


In May 2022 McCosker returned to complete the construction of Stage 5D development (RL186.0m Lift) of the TSF. The RL186.0m Lift works comprise the following works:


 – Lifts to the existing Northern, Southern and Western Embankments

 – Construction of an Emergency Spillway at the north-western corner of the TSF

 – Construction of the Stage 5D raise to the Decant Causeway at the south-western corner of the TSF, raising of a haul road along the western boundary of the TSF, Rock Fill Buttress construction for the Northern Embankment


Evolution Mining


Mt Rawdon, QLD


Residue Management


3 years


$1.1 million