rookwood weir construction

Construction of the largest weir built in Australia since WWII to deliver water security for Central Queensland at Rookwood Weir on the Fitzroy River. Works includes the clearing, topsoil stripping, upgrading existing access roads to allow site access, temporary coffer dams and river diversions, temporary river crossing, temporary left bank abutment excavation in sand including temporary slope protection. Eventual backfill and final permanent slope protection, right bank abutment excavation in rock, right bank permanent access roads, permanent pads, and boat ramp, in-river excavation for all structures in sand and in rock.


Dental concrete, grout curtain, unreinforced concrete weir, unreinforced concrete left and right bank abutments, reinforced concrete fish lock and associated structural steel, piping and mechanical items. Control room building, switch room building, hydraulic power unit building, hydraulic systems for the operating of the gates and valves in the fish lock. There is a fish tag reading system to the fish lock, electrical, communications, control and security to all buildings. The fish lock and the immediate surrounds. Remote location required the establishment and operation of accommodation of a 250 manned camp.


Final volumes and stats include:

– Steel reinforcing – 3500t
– Concrete – 131,000m3
– Man hours – 2,189,000 hrs LTI free
– Earthworks – 950,000m3
– Peak workforce – 350




Gogango, Central Queensland


Water Security


3 years


$356 million

Civil Concrete