GLADSTONE Wall Raise Projects

Rio Tinto Aluminium Yarwun Pty Ltd

Dam raise includes: clearing, grabbing and stockpiling of vegetation; removal and stockpiling of top soil and Unsuitable Material; borrow pit development (including materials processing and handling and final trim); preparation of embankment foundation; Embankment and spillway construction, including; raising the exiting Northern Embankment; raising the existing Eastern Embankment, raising the existing Southern Embankment; raising the existing North-South Separator Embankment; raising the existing East-West Separator Embankment Construction of the three (3) new Eastern Saddle Dams; construction of the new Southeast Embankment; construction of the new External Spillway on the Western side of the Southern Embankment; construction of the internal spillway located at the East-West Separator Embankment; protection of existing instrumentation and installation of new instrumentation; and, construction of toe drain seepage collection and under drainage systems, including trench excavations, panel drain and concrete sump well installation and trench backfilling, as per the design drawings; supply transport and storage Work Area for Zone 1A clay fill material and winning and processing material, including but not limited to blasting, screening and/or breaking of rock and boulders to the required material sizes


Queensland Alumina Limited

McCosker have been performing Tailing dam wall construction for QAL since 2007. Over this time they have performed all aspects of residue management, dam wall raisers and repairs for all maintenance and operations works at the RDA Ash Dams and associated structures. Specifically the supply, supervision and operation of plant for civil work and maintenance, including dam maintenance, upstream wall raises, operation and maintenance of dewatering pumps and piping systems, road and drain maintenance, sediment control structures, decant structures, HDPE installation and welding, dam wall raises and repairs.


Gladstone Region, QLD


Alumina Refinery