GAWB Water & Sewerage Infrastructure

Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB) on behalf of its stake holders (Gladstone Regional Council and the 3 LNG companies) engaged McCosker to complete this project upon the termination of the existing Contractor. The negotiated contract was a Target Cost Estimate schedule of rates for the completion of the works.

Scope included supply and install 450 diameter water and sewerage HDPE pipe over two job sites covering 10 kilometres, scour and air valves and complex pipe manifolds at customer LNG plant connections.


Works also included three concrete sewer pump stations, four 3.5 mega litre plate steel water storage tanks, mechanical and electrical installation, 5.5 kilometres of buried HV power cable, with 6.5km of access road and crossroad drainage, (23 culverts and 7 causeway slabs) all works to TMR standards. A boost pump station was constructed on Glad-stone mainland.


McCosker also completed several industrial building structures, block work, steel and concrete, with telemetry systems to connect and automate all infrastructure. All works completed with logistical challenges of building infra-structure on remote island location, and in a narrow construction corridor. Successfully worked as the principle contractor with a peak workforce of 170 people.


Gladstone Area Water Board (GAWB)


Gladstone, Queensland


HDPE Pipelines, Assoc. Civil Works


1 year


$75 million

Infrastructure & Industrial